Welcome to the Guide to the Oasis. Our community is filled with wonderfully friendly folks from all ages and walks of life. All the players are helpful, friendly, inviting and quick to help identify toxicity, which is swiftly dealt with to ensure a community that fosters an enjoyable gaming experience. Our owners and developers are informative and make truly custom mods from scratch. All mods are server-side and require no download from the clients. Our admins are patient, understanding and exceedingly friendly. They play alongside the players and are always present to assist with any concern. They host events in discord and in game frequently to incite fellowship and comradery within the community.


There are currently nine classes in total:

  • Beastmaster
  • Berserker
  • Hunter
  • Knight
  • Monk
  • Nomade
  • Rogue
  • Survivalist
  • Warrior
You can find specific information about each below. Abilities do NOT stack unless otherwise indicated.

You will be able to choose your path after reaching level 30. You can only choose one, so make your choice carefully! Please see "How to Start Class Journey" for information on crafting your Class Token and Class Path Item.


  • +10% Total Follower Damage
  • +50% Follower Damage
  • +1 Follower Limit
  • -25% AWD/SWD
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
- War Party: Maximum followers increased by 1, however, your statistics no longer influence your follower's damage output (Authority level 20 perk; stacks).
- Frenzy: When you deal damage in combat, your followers enter a frenzied state. Frenzied followers deal 3% increased damage for each corrupted Authority attribute (Authority level 5 Corrupted perk).
- Devour: Damage dealt by your followers heals you (Authority level 15 Corrupted perk).

  • +10% AWD/SWD
  • -30% Armor
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - When you deplete your stamina bar, you active the Berserker Buff for 900 seconds.
    - When the buff is active, you deal 15% more damage.
    - If you drop below 50% HP, you get a second Berserker Buff, also increasing your damage.
    - If you drop below 25% HP, you get a third buff, even further increasing your damage (Modified Strength level 15 & 20 perk).

  • +10% Stamina
  • +35% AWD
  • +50% Stamina
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - Ranged weapons now ricochet!
    - Heavy shots will knock your enemies off their feet.
    - Deadshot: Arrows and thrown weapons travel twice as quickly and deal 15% more damage to distant targets (Agility level 10 perk).

  • +100 HP
  • +35% Armor
  • +7,000 Armor
  • -30% AWD/SWD
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - Defensive Posture: Incoming damage is reduced by 15% while you are attacking or blocking (Grit level 15 perk).
    - Mule Kick: Your kick knocks back enemies farther and knocks them down (Strength level 10 Corrupted perk).
    - Wrack: The blows from your strikes numb your opponents, reducing their damage potential (Strength level 15 Corrupted perk).

  • +10% Movement Speed
  • +10% AWD/SWD
  • +30.000 Carry Capacity
  • +40% Stamina
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - Second Skin: Equipped armor weighs 25% less (Strength level 10 perk).
    - Careful Harvest: You are twice as likely to gather rare resources when harvesting (Expertise level 10 perk).
    - Petrified: You are immune to bleed, poison, disease and sunder effects (Vitality level 15 Corrupted perk).

  • +20 Stamina
  • -25% AWD/SWD
  • +40 Max HP
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - Immune to corruption.
    - Base health regeneration of 7 HP / second.
    - Fast Healer: You receive 50% increased healing from healing effects (Vitality level 20 perk).
    - Last Stand: When your health drops below 50%, you remove all negative effects and gain 95% damage mitigation for a short time (Vitality level 20 perk).
    - Devour: Damage dealt by your followers heals you (Authority level 15 Corrupted perk).

  • +40% AWD/SWD
  • -30% Armor
  • -10% Max HP
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - Precision Strike: 10% Additional armor penetration while carrying a medium or lighter load (Agility level 10 perk).
    - Quickfooted: Jogging, sprinting, jumping, swimming and climbing cost less stamina and are faster (Agility level 15 perk).
    - Extended Leap: Jump while in the air to do a second jump (Agility level 20; stacks).

  • +50 Max HP
  • +10% AWD/SWD
  • +20% Armor
  • +99.999 Carry Capacity
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - Items crafted in your inventory have an increased output by 100%.
    - Immune to all weather effects.
    - Beast of Burden: When over-encumbered, you can dodge and move at full speed (Expertise level 20 perk).

  • +25 Stamina
  • +30% SWD
  • +35 Max HP
  • Instant Perks & Abilities:
    - Stout: Increase your armor by 1/5 of your current stamina (Grit level 10 perk).
    - Last Stand: When your health drops below 50%, you remove all negative effects and gain 95% damage mitigation for a short time (Vitality level 20 perk).
    - Rolling Trust: After dodging, your next damaging attack has 25% increased penetration and your next swing costs no stamina (Agility level 20 perk).

Once you reach level 30, you will be able to begin the journey of choosing your class.
Prepare yourself; it is a long and difficult journey, but it will be worth it!

You must learn the following mod feats to choose your class. They are all located under the 'Religion' tab:

  • Exile Armor Basics
  • Hellfire Class Path System
  • Exile Armory Merchants
  • Hellfire Scrapper
  • Scrapper Merchant Mode
  • General Merchant Options
  • GM Buy & Forge
  • GM Gem Crusher & Soulstone
  • GM Sell
  • Sorcery Merchant Options
  • SM Path Cup
  • SM Tomes
Prior to reaching level 30, collect as many materials as possible and sell them to the Hellfire Scrapper for Silver Tokens.
Once you reach level 30, trade 10 Silver Tokens to the Hellfire General Merchant for 1 Gold Token.
Then, trade the Gold Token for 5 Hellfire Gems.
Once you have 5 Hellfire Gems, take them to the Class Creator Stone and craft your class token (Most one skull enemies have a chance to drop Hellfire Gems).

The next task is to create your class tool. You purchase it from the Hellfire General Merchant for 25 Hellfire Gems.
Use this tool after killing specific enemies to get Generic Remnants of a Soul
These can be harvested from spiders, skeletons, crocodiles and serpentmen.
Trade these to the Hellfire General Merchant and craft your class bundles (such as "Beastmaster Bundle").
Each bundles will give you one Class Remnant and 2-10 Gold Tokens.
You will need 50 Class Remnants in total to craft your Class Path Item.

You will also need a Path Cup, which requires 50 Generic Remnants of a Soul, 50 Soul Essences, 15 Magical Shards and 1 Hellfire Tome.
The tome is crafted at the Hellfire Sorcery Merchant.
Generic Remnants of a Soul are collected using your harvest tool (as described above).
Soul Essence (mod version) is collected from skeletons, ghosts and serpentmen.
Magical Shards are created with the Gem Crusher.

Once you have 50 Class Remnants and a Path Cup, you will be able to craft your Class Path Item, which will give you access to all of your class buffs once equipped.


There are seven "types" of magic in Exiles Armory.
They all do similar damage, but have different effects.
To use, equip spells directly on your Action Bar.
All spells have a light, heavy and special attack.
Each type of magic uses its own unique type of ammo: magic bolts.
Spells and magic bolts are crafted in the Hellfire Magic Shrine.

  • Arcane Magic: Sunder
  • Darkness Magic: Bleeding
  • Thunder Magic: Sunder
  • Poison Magic: Poison
  • Frost Magic: Cripple
  • Light Magic: Sunder
  • Fire Magic: None
There is also a Healing Staff, which uses Essence of Healing as charges.
The staff only has a heavy attack.

/sethome - Sets your home location.
/home - Teleports you to your home location.
/list kits - Lists available kits.
/kit <kitname> - Claim a kit.
/list warps - Lists all warp location.
/warp <warpname> - Warp to location.
/return - Return to position before warping.
/tpr <player> - Request to teleport to player.
/tpa - Accept teleport request.
/8ball - Query a mysterious ball of knowledge.


/kit donorkit - Donor items.
/kit donor - Daily donor items.

  • /kit starterkit (One-Time Use)
  • Iron Pick
    Iron Hatchet
    Iron Sickle
    1H Iron Sword
    Wraps / Extract
    Light Armor Set
    Encumbrance Food
  • /kit daily (24 Hour Cooldown)
  • Simple Food
    Wraps / Extract
  • Bonus Feat Points (One-Time Use)
  • /kit lvl10
  • /kit lvl20
  • /kit lvl30
  • /kit lvl40
  • /kit lvl50
  • /kit lvl60
  • /kit lvl70
  • /kit lvl80
  • /kit lvl90
  • /kit lvl100
  • /kit donorkit (One-Time Use)
  • Hymdall Cub (Non-Combat Companion)
    Aspect of Dagon's Chosen
    Aspect of Deketo
    Aspect of the Giant Kings
    10 Shadeblooms
    10 Shadebloom Seeds
  • /kit donor (24 Hour Cooldown)
  • Dye
    Potion of Bestial Memory
    Potion of Natural Learning
    Elixir of Rebirth

  • This is a PVE server. Please be kind! Do not attempt to grief other players, loot their kills or attempt to steal baby animals / thralls they are trying to capture.
  • No stealing and no raiding. Do not enter a base without the owner's permission, even if it's unlocked. If it isn't yours, stay out (This excludes the lobby).
  • Hellfire Bosses must be summoned at the arena (/warp arena). If another group is there, please be considerate.
  • Max of 2 of each crafting station (such as the blacksmithing bench, animal pen, tannery, etc.,) per base. Extras will be removed and you will lose any items in their inventory. EXCLUDES: Furnace, dryer, fluid press, grinder, fish trap and compost heap. You may have up to 5 of each of these.
  • Max of 30 farm planters per base. Extras will be removed and you will lose any items in their inventory.
  • Max of 25 placeable pets or thralls per clan. Each additional clan member adds 5 to this cap. Extras will be removed and you will lose any items in their inventory.
  • You can build Wheels of Pain near settlements when capturing thralls, but wheels must be picked up once you are done. Any wheels left out will be removed.
  • No standalone crafting stations; they must be part of a base or outpost. Placing something temporarily, such as a campfire, is fine. Just be sure to pick it up when you are done. Otherwise, it will be removed by an admin. EXCEPTION: Transportory Stone from Sorcery. Each clan is allowed a maximum of 10 Transportory Stones.
  • We will not replace thralls or pets that die, no matter what the circumstance is. Please don't ask.
  • Absolutely No Toxicity: Do not argue in chat, either in-game or Discord. Disputes amongst players can be addressed via a ticket in Discord.
  • Cartography feat has been disabled. All players must use the map room located in the lobby.

/warp lobby - Spawn location and lobby.
/warp north - Halfway between New Asagarth and The Den.
/warp spire - Mek-kamoses' Spire.
/warp desert - Black Galleon.
/warp arena - Hellfire Boss Arena.
/warp wriver - Western part of the desert along the main river.
/warp bay - Island North-East of Buccaneer Bay.