JUNE 2023

- Updated heli life cycle. Was 5 minutes, now 20 minutes.

- Added Cooking 2.0, an additional cooking system that brings new recipes and ingredients to enhance the player's experience through status effects and super foods (use /cook to access the 2.0 menu, or visit a barbeque (WIP)).
- Added Better Elevators (Implemented during the April seed, a modification to the elevator system with greater floor count to support the no stability gameplay and building systems).
- Added a Skins mod (use /skinbox to gain access).
- Added Custom Buttons (a GUI at the bottom of the screen to bypass typing common commands (WIP)).
- Added Fancy Drop (Expedite your air drops today).
- Added Global Storage (Offers a storage system at safe monuments).
- Added Puzzle Points (a mod that rewards players with RP or economics for doing puzzle rooms).
- Re-added Custom Portals (use /buyportal to buy a portal at 150 economics).
- Implemented the "Sell" tab in the server (/s) store (tweaks and further balancing to come).
- Removed Infinite Candles & Fog (highly abusable mod when combined with another mod).
- Removed Skinshop (this mod broke for us in early June and has been replaced).
- Removed Bradley Tiers (incorrect announcement messages posted in game chat).
- Removed Improved Door Closers (auto door has been updated as of May 4th and is functional).
- Removed Mini Copter Options (wasn't working well with the MyMiniCopter Mod).
- Removed Static Dispensers (under-utilized mod).
- Removed No Vehicle Collision Damage (not as good a fit for the server as I had imagined).
- Updated the server description.
- Updated the server header image to match the Oasis theme.
- Updated the sign artist + frame box thread in the rust forum (non-donor access granted).

- Sassy (Player) --> Sassy (Moderator).

MAY 2023

- Crossfire (Mod) --> Crossfire (Admin).

- Grow (a mod that allows players to grow flowers as decorations in the farm plots).
- BuildingSkins (provides the adobe (stone) skin for free to all players).
- Removed bradley tiers, player requested (buggy, confusing & OP).
- Static dispensers (under-utilized).
- Fixed the broken plugins caused by the face punch wipe and uploaded the updated versions to the server.
- Players must hold 'spacebar' for 0.3 seconds to exit vehicles, versus instant exit.

APRIL 2023

- Permanent increase to the day / night cycle.

- Added Oasis | PVE's first Moderator: [Mod] Crossfire.
- Added improved door closer (replacement to auto-doors) {requires tweaking}.
- Added poker tables, personal poker tables for a night of drinking and gambling.
- Added personal-farm, can now place large furnace and oil refinery on a foundation.
- Added remove team invite, can invite players to be teammates from anywhere on the map.
- Added COxygenUI - UI scuba tank shows 3s interval tick down while underwater.
- Added infinity candles & fog - 1 fuel keeps it going.
- Added lethal headshots, (DONOR) perm.
- Added my minicoper; spawn, delete, call and locate your very own mini.
- Added rules GUI, basic rules list that requires players to agree before proceeding to the game.
- Added extended recycler, allows players to craft a personal recycler.
- Added anti-ladder and twig, prevents players from putting ladders on other player bases.
- Removed backpumpjack (pumpjacks not working atm, quarries are functioning).
- Removed 'pets' (not the direction the server is going at this time).
- Removed auto takeoff (redundant to my-minicopter).
- Adjusted bradley's specs per tier. Nightmare is hell, but rewarding.
- Adjusted 'better loot' and increased loot & scrap multiplier.
- Adjusted 'buildingactions' that players can make, mod defines who can make changes to base.

- Added lock ovens (allows players to place locks on forge, oil refineries and large furnaces).
- Added lock composter (put a lock on your composter).
- Added road bradley! Watch out while exploring!
- Added bradley tiers! (death comes swift) Vanilla - Nightmare tier'd tanks. Are you ready?
- Added 'Deployable Nature' to rust-guides.
- Altered mini-copter config. Less fuel consumption, gave turret and storage. If you die, your stuff will drop. Risks and rewards.

- Instant barrels (1 smack gets the job done).
- Back pack icon upgrade - now the backpack icon tells you the current capacity of your backpack at a glace. Click to activate on login, tracks input and output as you play.
- Added mods that were dumped due to server RAM issues. Will continue to monitor over the coming days / weeks.
- Updated chat colors, old colors were unique, but stale and uninteresting.

MARCH 2023

- MLRS damage increased from 10 to 15, number of rockets fired increased from 5 to 8.


- Changed spawn time of helis from 700 sec to 1200 sec.
- Heli life duration take from 20 min down to 10 min.
- Decreased heli and CH47 health.
- Increased lootable crates of heli from 4 up to 5.
- Decreased teleport time from 15 sec down to 5 sec.
- Increased # of teleports (Should take effect tomorrow).

- Publicized the 'Rust Guides' forum {Read-Only} {WIP}.
- Adjustments made to the raid bases loot. Easy, medium, hard, expert, nightmare (first wave of changes).
- Crafting XP rates nerfed due to player exploit.
- Reduced loot container respawn times.
- Updated time of day config settings.
- Updated custom portals, purchase now requires $400 (economics) and can only be placed in your build area.
- Updated MLRS damage from 25x down to 10x.
- Updated teleportation limits per day.
- Added the info panel to the server (a UI that offers details).
- Added kill records to the server (records all things killed).
- Removed in-game clock GUI (replaced by info panel).
- Removed currency balance GUI (replaced by info panel).

- Added the ability to see when the next wipe is scheduled, simple type /wipe in game to get a notification.
- Added the /bonemarket to the server. Sell bones for scrap. Prices depend on supply and demand!
- Added homing missiles, take on heli with some real firepower.
- Removed automated events.
- Instant craft - the name is pretty self-explanatory.
- Updated drop chance for epic loot items.
- Updated rune requirements for enchanting (temp values).
- Updated heli control crate count and spawn times.

- Modified MLRS rocket damage. Works on raid and NPC bases, should not affect player bases.
- Added the Fogger-3000, disco ball, MLRS aiming module and laser light to the rewards store.
- Changes made to raid base trap drops.
- Updated stack sizes for newer additions to the game.
- Changed recycler speed from 5s to 1s.
- Currency exchange rate changed from 1:10 to 15:50 (rp : econ).
- Xpstats experience gain values updated. Emphasized raiding and brad / heli.
- Gather rewards updated.
- Barrel point values updated.
- Altered values of perks of the XPerience mod. Nerfs and buffs applied.


- Increased scarecrows per 1 km^2 15 -> 20. Decreased health to 50 (on chainsaw 'crows).
- Added cargo plane crash back to the server after getting an updated version.
- Rust+ services have been activated for the server.
- Updated day / night duration, 52 minutes of daylight, 8 minutes of night (supposedly).

- Re-enabled better chat username and group colors.

- Ability to install a radio into vehicles (Hit F1, then type "attackradio" when looking at your vehicle or "removeradio" to uninstall it).
- Adjusted range of player and NPC Sam Sites.
- 'Welcomer' to announce new and returning palyers.
- Removed "player screams when pooping" sound effect.
- Changed the 'Starter Kit' for balance and response to player feedback (Utilize your resources, you'll be alright).
- Removed 'Building Workbench' mod, out of date and incompatible (will look for a similar replacement).
- Added 'Auto takeoff,' this mod makes transport helicopters and minicopters easier to takeoff.
- The Oasis Website can now be accessed in game via the "View Webpage" button in the pause menu.


- Removed Lusty Map and the minimap | outdated mod.

- Removed showing all players on the minimap.

- Radiable bases fixed and are populating the map.
- Fixed NitroBooster image file and added some spicy images to all of the timed kits.
- MP5 no longer requires SMG body for repair (3 high quality metal and $5).
- Adjustments to the repair requirements have drastically reduced in $ cost due to the frequency players will need to repair their weapons.
- Mini map with icons on the right of the UI, can be hidden if needed. Use + and - to zoom in and out.
- Premium raidable bases are now buyable. Use /buyraid and fulfill your order with scrap.
- Custom portals added to the server. /buyportal to get initial and destination portals.
- Label the portals identically to connect them. Pick up a portal using a hammer with slight damage applied. This will return the portal to your inventory. Must place on a foundation.

- Reduced hackable crate timer from 15 minutes to 7 minutes.
- The timer has reverted to 15 minutes. Looking into it now. Assuming this reverts on the scheduled restart.


- Removed Barrelless Mod. Players found it off-putting. Took a look and agree, it didn't add the complexity I was seeking for the server (The mod also refused to change when I would make adjustments). Yeeted & Deleted.

- Mod affected: Barrelless | Changed NPC spawn rates from barrels, reduced from 65% per 2 rolls to 50% per 3 rolls. Allowed for NPC spawns indoors and outdoors.
- Added deployable nature mod to the server. Use / naturemarket to access nature items to enhance your curb-appeal. Cost value per item are subject to change.
- To remove a DN item, hold a hammer and use the middle mouse button while looking at the object. The object will return to your inventory.


- Added blueprint sharing for team / clan members.
- Added cargo crash event (more crates = more loot chance).
- Added day / night cycle, set duration 1hr day, 15 min night.
- Removed 'AlwaysDay.'

- Updated scarecrow density, speed and capabilities.
- Overall difficulty increase.
- Reduced population of scarecrows (shouldn't see one around every corner).
- Increased time to recover items dropped on death from 5 mins to 10 mins.
- Reduced barrel spawned NPC health.


- Updated Server Rewards Item shop. Players can now purchase in-game goods with reward points (RP).
- Updated color scheme of the UI.
- Updated the currency exchange rate, now shown as a 1:10 < > 10:1 conversion ratio.

- Added /remove as a way to self manage player buildings | Price = cost atm - tweaks to come.
- Added 'Epic Loot' to server. "New variants with unique tiers" - tweaks to come.
- Added 'Enchanting' to server. "Runes and mythical properties customize and enhance the experience."
- Added 'AirDropMarker' to server. "Gives you a rough idea where the crate is dropping."
- Added the "Free Timed Kit" containing 1x Nailgun and 50x Nails. This kit's cooldown is 60 mins.
- Added a poop plugin for entertainment purposes and more fertilizer.
- 'Rust Suggestions Channel' launched in the 'Information' tab in Discord.
- Added 'Static Dispensers' additional ways to gather resources *hit stuff and find out.*
- Added 'Building Actions' this allows players demolish their base with hammer and rotate walls as needed. (Friends can't, Auth'd on TC can).
- Added 'Barrel Points' | Gives the ability to earn RP from destroying barrels.
- Tweaked 'Donor Kit' for improved value.
- Removed the in-game clock *no need since day is constant.*
- Extended distance of workbench use within a player base | Note: Must have a TC to get the extended distance from the workbench.
- Added 'Quick Sort' for chests. Dump what exists, Dump all, Lootall.
- Added 'Loyalist' chat group for those of 6 months of loyalty to The Oasis Donor Program.
- Enabled the "Backpack" GUI Button.
- Added 'Stackablecontainers' this gives the ability to stack large and small storage containers by pressing mouse2 (R-Click) on the lid of a container to place it.
- Added 'better no stability' which removes all stability for players. Build as tall or big as possible | server rules still apply.
- Edited /info and added the /remove command to the list.
- Removed /xphelp from /info as it's redundant to /xpstats and using the GUI.
- Removed the AFK timer. Game kicks after 1 hour inactive.
- Added an "Econ tracker" on the GUI for at a glance feedback.
- Removed the ability to craft bloodbags for healing (Couldn't be consumed).
- Added a car horn to player owned vehicles.
- Added the ability to put a code lock on a player owned vehicle.
- Added Automatic Doors | Use /ad in chat to enable or disable this feature | Use /ad ## (replace with #'s 1-15) to set a delay greater than 5 sec.
- Added a 'Bed rename Blocker' this is so others can't troll via crude language or cause confusion.
- Added 'Bradley APC Guards' sends a chat line calling for backup (enemies show to mess you up).
- Removed 'Barrel Events' a mod that just spawns a bear at random when you break barrels.
- Fixed the economics balance GUI to say '$' instead of RP. The correct currency is now represented.
- Added 'Always Day' so there won't be a day / night cycle.
- Removed 'Skipnightvote' *No Point.*
- Added 'Quests' into the server. *Tweaking to come.*
- Stack Sizes increased | Most items to 99 and ammo to 999
- Added a chest 'Sort Button" - click the 'c' next to sort to change from category sort to 'n' name sorting.
- Added 'Heli Sam' a plugin that lets Sam Sites target transport and helis (not set to target player helis).
- Added ability to repair specialty weapons (Spas-12, MP6, LR300, M249, L96 Rifle, etc.,) | Use repair bench.
- Added and FIXED 'Barrelless' a mod that spawns enemies at random from a broken barrel with different types of entities and npcs.