- Cloaks are back! A guide for them is added to the magic section of the mods in the ESC menu.
- Magic essence can be harvested from any zombie after putting a point into magic. Elemental essence of the following kind can also be harvested from zombies depending on the biome. Fire = desert, Ice = Snow, Earth = Forest, and Bio = Wasteland.
- Iron Sight mod returns (removes crosshair).
- Slave's Underground Crop Mod returns!
- Slave's Advanced Ghillie Suit returns!
- FeuerTeufel's more lootable objects mod added.
- Magic Overcast will not work with primary casts.
- Added a /mine area near /lobby. It is a Universal Ore mound. It can only be mined with a Universal Pickaxe made from pearls. The resource harvested depends on the type of pickaxe used. The base harvest is doubled of each type of resource, and still scales higher with motherlode. These pickaxes are consumable and cannot be repaired.


- Applied fix for melee prestige recipes
- Fixed elevator height

- Dead bodies will last an additional 15 seconds

- Melee Prestige 1 weapons updated and added

- Custom legs will take bandoliers
- Vampire Reign requirements fixed
- Gatling Gun takes custom ammo now


- Fixed Kits not giving the correct amounts since the patch
- Fixed Lifesteal and meltdown level descriptions
- Fixed Prestige for the new patch
- Updated Prestige Guide in the ESC Menu
- Fixed Dark Essence harvest increase
- Fixed locking inventory slots
- Non-Donor backpack size increased by 7
- Fixed Tickets. Place crate from ticket with primary action.
- Redid snow and desert hunger and thirst effects on Oasis Xtreme.
- Temporarily removed brass catcher due to recent patch.

- You will now find magazines more often even if you maxes out the vanilla magazine line. TFP fixed this in their recent changes (hopefully).

- Fixed Overcharge Spell not stunning.
- Applied fic to Extreme Cold effect on Oasis Xtreme to hopefully prevent "orgy" sounds (these were a feature, not a bug and unappreciated it seems).
- ESC Menu Guide Updated.

- Boosting spells should all work again.
- Removed some cheese with degraded spells.
- Fix applied to ensure all players can receive healing magic from any source.
- Changed Mischief magic repair item to Dark Refined Essence.

- Increased normal essence drop rate.
- Decreased fire essence drop rate.
- Increased ice essence drop rate.
- Increased earth essence drop rate.
- Decreased bio essence harvest amount.

- Issue with healing and boost magic not leveling fixed.
- Issue with life essence harvesting not increasing fixed.
- Upped all essence harvest chance.

- Fixed Healing magic to function as intended. Increase between levels is not currently featured until I can rework healing magic more (time consuming), but heals as it did in version 2.X. 
- Fixed Donor Baton, including name and description.
- Fixed issue with jumbled backpacks causing UI errors interacting with backpack/inventories.

- Custom Weapons reworked. Will be better than the previous tier, even on a bad roll. 
- Custom Ammo cost reduced.
- Custom Weapons are now player level restricted instead of crafting level. This should help everyone get those M60s and AutoShotty that are sought after.
- Custom Armor level requirements adjusted along with weapons to better match metal unlocks in Dwarven Crafting perk.
- Glass Blocks added.
- Glass Blocks with elements inside (fire, lightning, radiation, etc.) added.
- Pissed Chickens will come attack you if you step on a bird nest. Amount changes depending on Player Gamestage.
- Baton added as a Donor Weapon
- Shameless Donor Plug icon showing donor/non-donor status and perks for donating.
- Donor Backpack will have 20 additional slots, for a total of 104 slots.
- Traders are cured of the zombies status, but the cure turned them into stuffable creatures. Pray you do not disappoint them. 
- Saltie's Server-Side Sorcery (S4) (AKA - Magic) has entered its true 3.0 version, as the base mechanics have been completely reworked to function as learn by doing. 
- Magic and its UI will not show for anyone who has not started the magic attribute, which means if you don't care for the magic, you don't have to see it taking up your precious screen space. Once you put a single point into the Magic Attribute (Player Level 25 to unlock), the magic UI will appear and essence of all kinds will be obtainable from their sources (check ESC menu guide for locations).
- Each element has its own level that will increase by sing the spells of that element (Example: Ember increases Fire). Increasing Element levels will increase the element's damage and unlock the next tier spell in that element automatically (roughly every 20 levels in an element will unlock the next tier). 
- An overall magic level exists that receives experience from any spell cast. Overall magic will increase the amount of all spell damage, max mana, mana regen, and reduce cast cooldown times. You can hover over the overall magic perk description to track the progress and see the amount of extra mana, cooldown, etc. you've earned based on your current overall magic level. The same can be done with the element perks. 
- C-C-Combo spells return including Merlin's Wrath!  View the description for the combo magic perk will show the progress towards meting the unlock requirements for each combo spell. 
- IMPORTANT NOTE: Spells are limited to the BASE DAMAGE of the spell on AOE targets. Only the main target will take the full damage modifier of the spell.
- Spells are crafted in the Sorcery Station with the correlating amount of resource smelted in there first (same idea as the forge). 
- No more Tomes!
- Spell crafting costs decreased. 
- Refined Essences costs decreased (these are used to recharge/repair 50% of the correlating element spell per refined essence).

- Removed deco from Proctologist to see if that fixes his knockback and small hitbox issues. 


- All custom ore base harvest increased 4x.


- Fixed two intervals of the Magic Kit not working. 
- Updated Omniwrench for new doors in A21.
- Added Kit Casings to the first interval of the Alive Kit.

- Added Kits. Kill, Alive, Mining, and Magic Kits. These are on the second page of Fortitude. 
- Armor is now level restricted instead of restricted by crafting level.
- Vanilla Auto Shotgun now takes the first two custom ammo types.
- General Crate tickets fixed.
- UI made bigger and updated to reflect above additions and changes.

- Prestige is back! You will no longer get kicked from the game in addition to an overall smoother process. You WILL NOT lose magazines or books, but you WILL lose skills, levels, and tomes. Prestige levels are infinite, but benefits go up to prestige level 2.
- Prestige Weapons added. Prestige Weapons do not break and are stronger. Prestige Plus (P+) weapons also have infinite ammo.
- Quest Tickets are given for completing quests at varying difficulties. Crates added which can be crafted from said Quest Tickets.
- Zombie Lures added and are crafted from Quest Tickets.
- Ammo bundles added to allow for mass opening of unwanted vanilla ammo into casings, gunpowder, and paper (for Shotgun).
- Magazines required skill paper for crafting is now 30.
- Magic Tomes no longer wipe on Respec from Forgettin Elixir.
- Weapon and Armor Rerolls added by Kay. These allow players to reroll already-made armor and weapons to attempt to get better stats at a fraction of the metals required to make new ones.
- Vote Rewards (Pearls and Treasure Tokens) recipe costs reduced across the board.
- Brass Catcher added. 25% chance to return normal brass casings when shooting.
- Advanced Brass Catcher. Upgraded version that now has a 40% chance to return normal brass casings when shooting.
- ADS Stamina mod added. Cuts ADS stamina consumption in half.
- Dye Station Fixed/Reworked thanks to Kay.
- Elevator buttons added. So far 6 types from one variant block. Place anywhere and activate to move up/down the correlating distance. Can go through solid objects and doesn't need a matching type at the destination.
- Added recipes for: Acid | Glue | Beaker | Spring | Solar Bank | Blood Bag | Scrap Polymers.
- Solar Panels recipe that scales with Advanced Engineering added.
- Vanilla Ammo can be upgraded into its AP version.
- Decor updated by Kay.
- Added Auto Shotgun recipes from Kay.
- Explosion Damage to blocks nerfed but not on zombies.
- Rebalanced Light Armor Set Bonuses for more stable progression.
- Lite EXP upped to 300% | Oasis 250% | Xtreme 200%.
- Feral sense only on for Xtreme, and only on at night.
- Zombie speeds reduced for Lite in all scenarios, the fastest being "Run" on Blood Moon.
- Oasis difficulty upped to 3.
- Oasis Extra server mothballed due to influx of players returning to other servers.
- A painstakingly made guide has been added to the ESC menu for Info and more intensive mods. Most questions about the server can be answered looking there.


- Updated Lead Smelt Bundle to reflect ratio change.
- Doubled skill paper received from scrapping skill books.

- Fixed Crawler Scourge and Tyrants to no longer be mole people.

- Fixed Donor Knuckles to allow serrated blade mod.
- Recipes for Smelt Bundles for Silver, Gold, and Diamond will unlock as intended.
- Magic will damage animals
- Custom weapon rebalanced to adjust for changes in A21.1 stable release.
- Reduced Range, visuals, and potency of Father Time's effect. Greatly reduced time status effect lingers after death and added visible name to debuff.
- Increased Lead smelt ate to a 1:2 ratio in refinery. 

- Dominic increased the zombie despawn time from 10 seconds to 30 seconds but forgot to put it in the change log, I gotchu buddy <3 - Kay
- Life Steal spell fixed to apply damage properly.
- All essence types set to 10 second craft time.

- Adjusted infection counters for Extra and Xtreme
- Magic will work on all zombies, including armored.

Rebalanced custom melee weapons:
- Mod slots start at 3 minimum
- Base damages increased (still has random rolls)
- Stamina consumption lowers with better types
- Attacks per minute increase with better types
- Max reach range increases slightly with better types
- Oasis Extra/Xtreme: Increased infection rate. From 0% will reach 100% in just under 8.5 IRL minutes on Xtreme and 17 minutes on Extra.

- Fixed Armor recipes for Light and Heavy Dwarven armor
- Bronze ammo added to all donor weapons
- Magic Paper recipe added. Crafted on the workbench.
- Electronic Parts will scrap/smelt for twice as much Lightning Essence.
- Ice Essence recipe added. Crated on the workbench. Unlocked at level 2 of Magic Attribute.
- Earth Essence recipe added. Crafted on the workbench. Unlocked at level 2 of Magic Attribute.
- Fire Essence recipe added. Crafted on the workbench. Unlocked at level 2 of Magic Attribute.
- Bio Essence recipe added. Crafted on the workbench. Unlocked at level 2 of Magic Attribute.
- Life Essence can be harvested from any  creature during the day. Will not be harvestable until level 1 of Magic Attribute.
- Dark Essence can be harvested from any  creature during the night. Will not be harvestable until level 1 of Magic Attribute.
- Magic Attribute levels will increase harvest amount of Life and Bio Essence. 20% total at level 2, 30% total at level 3, 40% total at level 6, and 50% total at level 7. 
- Unstable magic will scrap/smelt to normal Magic Essence instead of Dark Essence, but for the same large amount. 
- Progression descriptions updated to reflected above.
- Progression descriptions for Magic Attribute level one provides information for the workstation needed/unlocked and getting started with Tomes/which Tomes are unlocked for crafting.
- Added Rotting Flesh Recipe. 

- Fixed errors with custom bats.
- Fixed Earth Magic. It will now work as intended.
- Fixed all magic boosting skills. (You spend 2 skill points per level).
- Bronze ammo added to donor shotgun variants.
- Changed how custom shotgun ammo works. Will now breach wood doors like ripping through tissue, but will not damage walls. Does not rip through metal doors, but does a decent amount of damage.

- Added Super Corn Schematic to in game shop on all servers. Lowered prices on other items on other servers on CSMM shop as well.

- Fixed buttons.
- Reduced Magic Tomes' Magic Paper Cost by 90%

- Upped Magic Paper loot from 1 to 7.

- Reworked Custom Metals.
- Along with the new metals comes a new workstation: the Refinery. (Use this to make Aluminum, Cobalt, Titanium & Radium. Smelt these in the forge to make new forged and tempered metals. Unlocked via Crafting Magazine & Dwarven Crafting).
- Reworked Forge to include new metals.
- New Armor Sets! (12 Heavy & 12 Light with 6 Mining Sets. Unlocked via Dwarven Crafting).
- Reworked & added new weapons (Unlocked via magazines).
- Adjusted weapons recipes to reflect the new metals.
- Reworked & added new Ammo, Bullet Tips, & Casings.
- Adjusted ammo recipes to reflect the new casings and tips. 
- Added new Repair Kits for Armor, Weapons, and eventually, Tools!
- Updated Dye Mod to function properly.
- Increased precious gem mining harvest.
- Increased all workstation's max HP.
- Reworked and added in MAGIC (New tomes, essences, and more oh my!)
- Added Anti recipes for some pills that were missing. 
- Added Screen Doors to the Metal Doors Variant.
- Added Flags Variant that includes all of the missing flags.
- Custom shotgun ammo now shows as AP in stats.
- Adjusted mods to be compatible with anticipated A21.1 stable build.
- Added sewing kit recipe.
- Increased game difficulty on Oasis Xtreme to 5.
- Adjusted XP on Oasis Xtreme to 150%.
- Adjusted XP on Oasis Lite, Oasis, and Oasis Extra to 200%.
- Removed Rusty from Xtreme's Starter Kit after initial wipe because we forgot, sorry.
- Removed Willy's Mining Set - replaced by new armor sets.

You can now find the following ores in the following biomes:
Forest: Bronze & Brass
Desert: Nickel & Tungsten
Snow: Chromium & Mithril
Wasteland: Uranium & Adamantite

- Magic Update in more detail:
For returning A20 players, please keep in mind a lot of the core functions of magic have changed. I will be building it up again from the current foundation. So pay attention, as many thing have changed.

- Magic Attribute levels will be available as player levels increase, and must be then purchased with skill points. The attribute level will not only unlock various levels of spell availability, but increase the maximum mana (displayed to the right of the toolbelt), and cast speed/cooldown.
- Another UI gauge you will notice is mana recovery rate, cooldown, and Overcast. Overcast is the secondary ability of each spell to deal 3x the adjusted base damage (ABD) of the spell.
- Skills are available under the Magic Attribute to increase the ABD by 10% per level to the correlating magic type (i.e. - Elemental would increase Fire/Lightning/Ice/etc.)
- The description is SPECIFIC TO THE PLAYER VIEWING THE ITEM, and will display the base spell damage, the true damage (which is the player's ABD for the spell with bonuses), and the Overcast potential with bonuses included for that player. This will become very important as the other damage bonus content is added.
- The Sorcery Station no smelts.
- New Essences were added, and rates are greatly increase over A20.

New Essences:
Magic (returning) - Byproduct of mining any ore
Fire Essence - Byproduct of mining coal or oil shale
Lightning Essence - Scrapping or smelting electronic parts
Ice Essence - Digging up snow
Bio Essence - Skin radiated zombies
Earth Essence: Digging up dirt
Dark Essence: Scrap or smelting Unstable Magic (looted)
Life Essence: Skin any creature

- Refined Essence of each are craftable in the sorcery station. They are used in recipes for spells and to repair 50 of the 100 uses for a spell of the correlating element. 
- Magic Paper is lootable, combined with Refined Essences, it is a key component in crafting a spell tome.
- Currently 38 magic tomes. Tomes are locked by needing to know the previous spell, when applicable, and having the appropriate magic attribute level, which can be seen in the Magic skill tree.
- Spells will scrap or smelt into their correlating essences.
- As mentioned earlier, Unstable Magic can be scrapped or smelted into Dark Essence. It can also be used by anyone, at any time, with no restriction. It will randomly cast a basic elemental spell, with a 10% chance to backfire the spell onto the player. It also breaks at a constantly random rate with each use. (This is currently the ONLY way to get Dark Essence).

The backend and functionality are far far more streamlined, and should be less taxing on the server. Its amazing what you notice when you go back to the beginning after over a year. 

Future Plans: Clothing set bonuses for magic, advanced/dual magic spells, wands, and (yes) Merlin's Wrath are planned to return moving forward.

JULY 2023

- Added a fuel timer to the forge

- Melee Crit Damage Mod allowed on knuckles

- Fixed vanilla Compound Crossbow to take copper bolts.
- Fixed AutoShotgun Adv.V2 recipe.
- Added /gfx command.
- Updated description for both Rough Pearl and Treasure Token to indicate you can craft 10 tokens from 1 pearl.
- Updated description of Super Insulator to clearly say it does not protect from Extreme Weather.
- Removed the ability to craft Super Insulator on 7D Xtreme 

- Added in Artoo, the Best Boy who will give you a Baconator and be on his way to give a gift to the next player
- If you hurt him the game will yell at you

- Applied a "fix" that should at least reduce the amount of "thriller pose zombie server happening".
- New Server - Oasis Xtreme
- Difficulty 4
- Dew Collector normal
- New Perks - Environmental  Adaption and Environmental Resistance
- Desert during the day will cause Extreme Heat, which will damage players who don't have a duster, Antiheat pills, or Immunity
- Snow during the night will cause Extreme Cold, which will damage players who don't have a skull cap and puffer coat, Anticold pills, or Immunity.
- Wasteland remains the same as other servers.
- Movement reduced on sand, snow, and wasteland trash until the appropriate perk level.
- Returned Flying Sharks and Catfish to their natural habitat, they will now have a chance to appear anywhere vultures would.
- Lowered Server EXP from 300% to 200%.

- Skills Crafting book recipes reduced to 60 (stack scrap amount).
- Added various larger/colored storages. Just search "storage" in the craft menu.

- Stole Ghost Riders bike so he has to walk now.....Nevermind.....seems you guys didn't like that.
- Gave him his bike back...
- Due to me stealing his bike, he shrank in size in revolt...but his hitbox grew there's that...

- Vote reward "Rough Pearl" added.
- Sub-currency "Treasure Token" added.
- Rusty will no longer poof when completely broken. 
- Rusty can be repaired by 20% for 1 Rough Pearl (will use ALL available pearls in inventory, so don't hold more than you want to repair with).
- Rusty can now be upgraded at level 50 to allow for more damage and use of Steel Ammo. (Cannot use below level 50).
- Added in Cosmetics Mod.
- Ability to make any Helmet into the various hats in the game by adding the hat mods.
- Adds piercing mod back into the game.
- Ability to turn any mouth item into the other mouth items, Cigar, Mask, and Piercings.
- Ability to make any boots into shoes/boots by adding the shoe mod.
- Changed zombie body decay time from 350 seconds to 10 seconds.

Added the following Rough Pearl items:
- Hermes' Blessing
- Super Insulator
- Yggdrasil's Sap
- Construction Gloves
- Bow Crit Damage Mod
- Melee Crit Damage Mod
- Recoil Control Adapter
- Advanced Extended Magazine
- Vampiric Kiss
- Athena's Blessing
- Head Spike
- Melee Counterbalance
- Kay's Lucky Dice

Added the following Treasure Token items:
- The Ring Leader
- The Squeaky Toy
- Little League Slugger
- Ragdoller
- Stop Sign
- Gatling Gun
- Perk Me Book
- My Life's Work
- Schematic Index
- Willy's Mining Helmet
- Willy's Mining Chest
- Willy's Mining Gloves
- Willy's Mining Pants
- Willy's Mining Boots
- Taaaaazer Face
- Fire Flicker
- They Call Me Mr. Freeze
- Quiver
- Advanced Bow Grip
- Shark Rockets
- Catfish Rockets
- Holy Hand Grenades
- Big Shark Grenades
- Big Catfish Grenades
- Thors Hammer
- Random Loot Crates

- Removed Dwarven Forge
- Removed Super Tools
- Added new "Dwarven Crafting" skill which will increase crafting speeds of all workstations at various levels, unlock custom forged metals, and a special smelting ability (its FAST).
- Updated forge UI and metals.
- Custom Armor's stats and set bonuses will be locked to certain levels which are in the description.
- Dew Collectors will produce water bundles, which will open to 10 water. Stay thirsty my friends.
- Donor "Deagle" added.
- Sewing Kit recipe added.
- Wasteland is radiated again. A new skill "Radiation Resistance" has been added. At level 1, you can craft AntiRad Pills. Level 2, Hazmat fibers to make hazmat suit. Level 3, immunity. Pills and hazmat suits are level restricted.
- UI Fixes, such as level.
- Performance changes.
- Book Crafting: You can now scrap crafting skill books into Crafting Paper, which can be crafted into Crafting Skill books. Recipes unlock once you reach the vanilla max in the crafting skill.
- Crafting Skills will not show as read until maxing the advanced version.
Decoration Variant Blocks Added (Number Added):
- Chain Link Fences (39)
- Chain Link Doors (4)
- Jail Doors and bars (21)
- Interior Wooden Doors (104)
- Exterior Wooden Doors (234)
- Decorative Doors (101)
- Glass Doors (8)
- Metal Doors (100)
- Armoires (189)
- Porta Potties (50)
- Elevator Doors and Buttons (13)
- Tents (211)
- Security Gates (4)
- Outside Decor (131)
- Caskets and Gravestones (33)
- Trash Cans (44)
- Pallets (190)
- Store Decor 1 (181)
- Store Decor 2 (118)
- Bandit Structures (105)
- Control Panels (96)
- Curtain Drapes (105)
- Mailboxes (24)
- Inside Decor (299)
- Piles (71)
- Awnings (44)
- Shop Signs (86)
- Signs (79)
- Car Decor (161)
- Storage (25)
- Added Camping Chair Recipe
- Added Metal Folding Chair Recipe
- Added Office Chair Recipe
- Added Bar Stool Recipe
- Added Metal Desk Recipe
- Added Small Pipes Recipe
- Added Large Pipes Recipe
- Added Barbed Wire Spindle Recipe
- Added Barbed Wire Spindle 1m Recipe
- Added More Pictures to Pictures and Paintings Variant (101)
- Added More Appliances to the Appliance Variant (71)
- Added More Bathroom Stuff to Sinks and Toilets Variant (35)
- Fixed Vanilla Steel Garage Door 5x3 (Powered) Variant

JUNE 2023

- Fixed two dupe bugs.
- Doubled wood harvest from trees.

- Changed Dwarven Forge UI to be more friendly to color blind individuals.
- Added Advanced Junk Sledge Turret

- Fixed Ragdoller so he will spawn, shrunk him down and removed some old deco.
- Added a green glow around the hitbox of Ghostrider.
- Moved the bag on the mimics so if you aim for the center of the bag you will hit the mimic more times then not.
- Made hitbox on the shark and catfish(both varieties of each) much bigger so they are easier to target.
- Something something...Juggernaut....
- Added custom ore and metals back.
- Added Dwarven Forge back.
- Added back more ammo types to all weapons, including vanilla.
- Added custom ammo back to loot
- Adjust recipe for Custom Weapons and Armor
- Added Super items back

- Improved Dye Mod with all-new recipes (recipes now require mixing base with tint to achieve desired color)
- Dyes are now stackable up to 10, Bases and Tints will stack to 1,000.  (Be sure to separate them from the stack before added to clothing, etc).
- Dyes can now be scrapped without use of the Dye Station to do so.
- Respirator mod for underwater breathing.
- Added back in Dominic's custom zombies
- Added Custom Armor and skill
- Added small performance mods
- Added Motor Tool Silencer
- Fixed Live Map

- Crafting Skill Magazines will no longer slow down showing up in loot until the Advanced version is maxed.

- Added Respirator mod for underwater breathing.

- Added back in random loot crates.
- Fixed death/alive timer.
- Experience def removal works again on /debuff.
- Horde base will repair itself again 1 IRL hour before horde start to allow for modifications and upgrades.
- Level Cap increased 500.
- T6 Crafting available on restart.

- Added in 3 custom ammo types.
- Advanced and V2 weapons added in with correlating crafting skills.

- Crafting Skill Magazine will no longer slow down slowing up in loot until the Advanced version is maxed.

MAY 2023

- Adjusted Mage loot bags.
- Adjusted magic loot table.
- Added magic loot drop chance to Mage Loot bags.
- Adjusted Bandit Loot bags to scale with level.
- Adjusted Loot bag drop chances for Bandits and Mages.

- Adjusted Bandit and mage spawns.
- Applied fix to Sugar Butts.

- Added Mannequin Variant for those that can't find friends and want to build some new ones.

- Adjusted horde night settings. Should be a constant flow of smooth zombie spawning that adapts with player count.

- Adjusted bandits spawning. Spawning increased for bandits in all biomes.
- Added Mage Bandits. Three tiers of each of the five elements.
Fire / Earth - Desert Biome | Ice / Lightning - Snow Biome | Bio / All Advanced Tiers - Wasteland.

- Updated wandering trader's inventory.
- Added tiers to (M) pickaxes and better.
- Unlocked (M) for use by anyone.
- Adjusted stats for custom axes, shovels and pickaxes.
- Increased custom tool mod slots to 6.

- Added quiver mod that increases bow and crossbow magazine size to 5.
- Added advanced bow grip mod that increases the reload speed, handling and reduces strain time to allow for faster release of arrows.
- Both mods are purchased from the weapon treasure token shelf in the lobby trader room.
- Added stacks of gas recipe. Crafted from gas and will unlock with grease monkey.
- Added stacks of gunpowder recipe. Crafted from gunpowder and will unlock with demolition expert.
- Oil stack size increased to 2,000.

- Horde base will now take damage and will reset to its original spawn form approximately 1 real hour before horde begins to allow players to fortify it however they wish in preparation.
- Bandits EXP adjusted.

- Added boiled water recipe to drink machine.
- Added recipes for canned foods in the working wall oven. Unlocked with Master Chef 5.
- Reworked custom quests.
- Website links in game (ESC Menu) are updated to reflect the new website and guide.
- Updated the random loot crates. Changed chances of what crate you get based on rarity. Crate's individual content will scale with player level. Added a Magic crate for magic items and a Schematics crate which contains all custom schematics in the game (yes all of them). It's a 5% chance to get either the Magic or Schematic crate to appear.
- Added 6 different types of bandits. They appear more frequently after day 7 and more so in the wasteland.
- Added wandering traders. They will not stick around one area for long.

APRIL 2023

- Updated to 20.7.

MARCH 2023

- Added Prestige (P) and Prestige Plus (P+) weapon recipes.
- Updated all custom axe recipes.

- Adjusted tools to work with mod power bonus.

- Prestige Progression Tree.
- Prestige weapons (P) are unlocked by taking prestige and following the instructions. Prestige Plus (P+) is available from the skill tree at level 500 of Prestige level 1.
- New storage variants for the silver, gold and diamond storage containers.
- Alloy, tungsten and brass now stack. The ability is unlocked via Art of Mining like the others.
- Some foods have been buffed.
- Some food recipes have been reduced.
- Drink machine added, along with 13 new drinks. Unlocked with Master Chef level 5.
- Updated gacha bundles due to Saltie's tool update.
- Previous custom drinks moved to drink machine for crafting.
- Custom spears mod slots increased to 6.
- Added temperature resistance mod to pearl station. Provides complete resistance to heat and cold.
- Added impact driver, the disassembler.
- Added mastercraft to advanced v2 wrench, shovel, hammer and pickaxe. Advanced v2 mastercraft versions are the dirt eater and newly added disassembler, unlocked by correlating perk.
- Added mastercraft and advanced salvage operations.
- Added elevators, unlocked by advanced engineering.
- Chickens can now be looted for eggs, chicken eggs and feathers.
- Bird nests loot reworked to lower meat chance and feather chance. Increased egg chance.
- Added cock milk to chicken loot. Not used for anything, but I guess you can drink it if you really want.
- Magic related items loot chance decreased.
- Added random loot crate. Use /crate to purchase one for 150 sand dollars. Place on the ground and watch it randomly shuffle before it picks one.
- Donor shades now act as NVGs instead of a flashlight.
- Power file fix is in place, which should prevent batteries, generators and turrets from wiping. Should.
- Rule changed to allow 5 dwarven forges. Still 5 forges total. Not 5 per person, unless that person is playing completely alone. Otherwise, 5 per group. Separate bases / locations is not an exception. Trying to hide who you play with to circumvent this rule will result in administrative action.
- Player teleports removed to stop end loot sniping.
- Set waypoints to every trader, which are listed on signs at /lobby.
- Waypoints over teleports reduces the dependency on the bot (waypoints will work with the bot down).
- Players can /rt to return to a location they just left from to a waypoint. Example: You are mining and /ftw trader1. You can /rt to return to that spot you just came from.
- Players can still use /bed and /tpf.
- Waypoints will be set to player shops via request in a ticket. Do NOT open tickets often for this or we will impose a time limit. It's recommended to avoid placing waypoints inside enclosed structures.
- Server hardware allocation increased.
- Server player limit increased.
- Reduced experience gain on bananarama to 200% from 400%.
- Feral sense always on added to bananarama.
- Trial donor weapons should no longer poof when they break, allowing players to take off their mods and turn the broken weapons into casings for ammo.
- Numerous server optimizations added. Most will be unnoticeable except the follwing:
Reduced fuel slots to one and reducted stacks of fuel-related items to 3000. No need to have every workstation burning away for hours and hours while offline.
Weapon repair times are instant.
Scrapping items is instant.


- Added all custom axe and mastercraft and advanced skills.
- Added mastercraft and advanced minder 69'er perks for new axes.
- Allowed melee weapon mods to be put on any custom axe (because TPF coded it as a tool).


- Added 10 second timer to mimic buffs. Will reset the timer to 10 seconds if hit again.
- Updated all radiation resistance mods to reflect the new system. This should remove the issues with it stopping / not showing. If issue persists, unequip and re-equip all pieces twice.

- New UI Update... again.
- Added placeholder for new system.

- Apparently the UI change was a massive bust, so I removed it.

- Major UI update.
- Buying milk now costs 1 TT and yields 3 jars.
- Ragdoller shotgun added to TT weapons. Low damage, infinity ammo and 100% chance to ragdoll.
- Donor pistol name changed to Mr. Beast.
- Better shotgun ammo are now slugs instead of shells.

- Further adjusted horde night settings are EVEN BETTER results from the last test.
- Readded all of the working lights back into the game that got lost between wipes.

- Fixed stun baton adv v2.
- Added donor pistol and mastercraft version; named Pewgun.
- Adjusted settings to smooth out horde significantly.
- Upped max zombies and max per player during horde based on fantastic optimization results.

- Fixed iron sights to work with all ranged weapons.
- Fixed plant display for underground raspberry.
- Fixed donor and mastercraft donor pump shotgun name.
- Made future magic cloaks able to have dye; they will not spawn with dye to still allow quick color reference.
- Setup ~60 minute notice of upcoming horde for Oasis and Bananarama. Add or remove the ping notification role from yourself in the notify role channel in Discord.
- Adjusted horde night spawns slightly to improve performance.

- Added furnaces to the 3 larger storage variants.
- Added EXP Potion. This will give 100% experience from the start of the current level to the next, regardless of what level or progress in that level; 200 treasure tokens at food vender in /lobby.
- Fixed minor bug with donor spear.

- Fixed attatchments for new donor weapons.
- Added donor pump shotgun, named Outrage by Ragnarok who asked for it.

- Returned UI to off-season.
- Added colored signs of all sizes.
- Added a storage variant for larger storage versions.
- Reworked the magic loot table to scale with level. Magic will start showing up more frequently after level 100.
- Added jump pads.
- Added mastercraft melee weapons.
- Added advanced melee weapons.
- Added mastercraft donor weapons (unlocks when vanilla mastercraft does).
- Added exploding chickens to normal spawn table.
- Updated quests to no longer require watching items craft.
- Added the ability to sell super tools in vending machines.
- Added 24/7 traders (minus blood moon).
- Updated escape buttons to the new website and mod guide.
- Added bundles for copper, silver and gold ammo to mass open 200 bullets at a time.
- Removed holiday donor gift pack.


- Added descriptions of what items the pearl mods go into.

- Added new special armor: nanotech.
- Added new skill for new armor: nanotech armor.

- Added advanced rotations to garage doors.

- Decreased stack size of casino coins to 60k.

- Doubled all custom ammo recipes output to require less of the correlating metals.
- Added robotics (advanced) skill.
- Added junk sledge (advanced).
- Added junk turret (advanced).
- Removed unnecessary bonus skills for T6 crafting. T6s unlock from the correlating vanilla perks.
- Drastically reduced ratio for alchemy recipes.
- Increased stack size of casino coins to 100k.
- Added live map button to ESC menu.
- Added game shop button to ESC menu.
- Moved buttons on ESC menu down.
- Added Tin to the alchemy workbench to make brass.
- Added shotgun ammo resource bundles. Used to bulk scrap vanilla shotgun ammo into buckshot and gunpowder.
- Adjusted buttons to suit multiplayer conditions.

- Added Holiday mod pack including:
Trader Reskin
UI Updated
Candy Cane Club Cosmetic (works on clubs and bats)
Santa Hat Cosmetic (works on helmets)
Kay's Bundles (only way to get new cosmetics and purple feathers have been added to those bundles)
Dominic's Christmas Zombies (Santa, Elves, Reindeer and Rudolph)
- Added penetration to custom shotgun ammo.
- Added economic value to duke's casino keys.
- Added economic value to candy cane club cosmetic.

- Updated armor recipe.
- Added ability to install retracting stock on Storm.

- Fixed armor set names.


- Updated recipe for solar bank to use the variant glass block made in the forge instead of the unobtainable glass business block.
- Increased the size of all of the smaller zombies (excluding mimics) to be larger and less annoying.
- Removed small fire elemental and replaced it with a new zombie: Babbs and Broken.
- Sleazy Blob has been removed. He is now Lord Slaughter; still tiny and very annoying.

- Decreased amethyst speed boosts to be more reasonable and stable on the servers.
- Fixed custom weapon perk requirements.
- Adjusted the economic value of the following and made bundle size 1:
Soul Potion - 1000
Magic Thread - 100
Magic Feather - 100
Refined Magic Essence - 100
Unstable Magic - 100

- Added recipes for bulk ammo opening: Ammo Resource Bundle.
- Severely nerfed shotgun block damage.
- Increased custom shotgun ammo stack size.

- Hazmat pieces will scrap to hazmat fibers.
- Restructured entire ammo loot table. Can loot custom ammo up to gold. All ammo containers will scale with level. You will no longer loot normal ammo after a certain level.
- Fixed custom weapon modifiers.
- Radiation scrubbers can be equipped with other mods.

- Added silver dust to desert biome.
- Moved brass to forest biome.
- Added set bundles for custom armors to allow for easier player shop selling.
- Adjusted metals economic value for better player shop selling.
- Fixed Master Chef: Head Chef Quest to require you to make banana cream pie, not more cream.
- Fixed Miracle Worker: Doctor Quest to require you to make fortbites instead of steroids, again.
- Fixed International Harvester: Ranger, Horticulturist and International Harvester Quests to the correct Underground Farm Plot blocks.

- Added 96, 108 and 130 slot writable storage containers with color variants.
- Adjusted metal resource chances per biome.
- Fixed Game Warden Quests to count snake kills.
- Fixed International Harvester Quests to require the correct amount of grape, cocoa and sugarcane seeds.
- Fixed Thanksgiving Quests to count exploding and kamikaze turkey kills for the respective quests.

- Added 380 new quests (zombie slaying, cooking, farming and more!).
- Added turkey nests, feathers and eggs (Thanksgiving bundle items).
- Added Thanksgiving questline.
- Added raw turkey, cooked turkey and Thanksgiving dinner (unlocked with the master chef perk).
- Added a recipe for vitamins (unlocked with the physician perk).
- Added a recipe for painkillers (unlocked with the physician perk).
- Added color storage (the text glows in the dark!!!).
- Added Kay's Lucky Dice (increases loot quality).
- Removed craftable bird nests.
- Added Thanksgiving turkeys.
- Changed donor gear to no longer require a donor workstation to craft.
- Removed donor workstation.
- Removed requirement for working wall oven drink recipes needing the super beaker to craft.
- Fixed donor lightning sentry to start spawning again.
- Added recipe for Mr. Freeze mod in the treasure token weapon station.
- Added a lot of new zombies and updated existing zombie stats and spawn rate so you'll see them more often.
- Added 4 of the advanced ammo types to donor weapons.
- Added worms to most zombies' skinning loot.
- Lowered craft time for radioactive dirt and underground farm plots to 40 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with burnt / wasteland trees.
- Added advanced ghillie suit: a high tier clothing item with a sneaky surprise.
- Added duke's casino chest and keys: a jackpot chest that has a small chance to be opened with duke's keys at the lobby.
- Added motor tool silencer: mutes the engine noise on the player-side for augers and chainsaws.
- Added deco vehicles: variant block that allows you to place vehicles for decoration purposes.
- Removed jailbreakers candy.
- Changed indestructible secure chests: You can now break open locked loot chests again.
- Added the alchemy skill.
- Added the alchemy workbench.
- Added brass, copper, tin, silver, gold, diamonds and magic essence to the alchemy workbench.
- Added the gem crafting skill.
- Added new elemental essences for gem crafting recipes (made on alchemy workbench).
- Added the enchanting skill.
- Added gem enchanting to the sorcery station to create mods that fit in both weapons and armor (armor effects stack if you have more than one total equipped).
- Added 15 gems with various weapon and armor abilities.
- Added the tailoring skill.
- Added the gilding skill.
- Added 24 new armor sets. Each set can be upgraded with either the tailoring skill for light armor or the gilding skill for heavy armor. Each unique set type (including tailoring or gilding level) has its own set bonus. Light: carbon, kevlar and spectra. Heavy: reinforced steel, tungsten and dwarven.
- Increased heavy and light armor skills to have 5 levels. At level 5, T6 versions for heavy and light armor can be crafted.
- Weapon skills (boom stick, machine gunner, dead eye, etc.,) allow for T6 crafting at perk level 5.
- Added mastercraft skills for each weapon's skill (boom stick, machine gunner, etc.,).
- Added 50 new weapons. 10 vanilla weapons can receive mastercraft upgrades. Set of advanced weapons and advanced weapons v2; both sets can receive mastercraft upgrades.
- Added 5 new ammo types for a total of 12.
- Added ammo types up to bronze to vanilla weapons.
- Added ammo types up to gold for donor weapons.
- Adjusted the UI for post-Halloween and pre-Thanksgiving.
- Healing magic no longer provides food when over-healing.
- Increased bananarama server difficulty to 5.
- Changed the Dwarven Forge recipe to no longer include the schematics in the recipe.

- Added more POI reset times. All reset zones will reset twice a day.

- Added Slave's new Bird Watchers quest. Will allow you to more easily find wild bird nests.

- Increased quantity of worms in containers.
- Increased loot bag chance on Proctologist, Infernus, Juggernaut and Predator to 20%.

- Removed power armor visual effect.
- Perpetual power armor schematic will now show unlocked when read.
- Increased magic bundles to give 2 random bundles as described.
- Added warning in description for magic bundles stating it's a gamble.
- Removed weird characters in description of super metabolism.
- Security precautions updated.


- Changed all of the working wall oven drink recipes to use super beaker instead of beaker.

- Added new Halloween zombie: Chucky.
- Lowered block damage of all Halloween zombies, clipped 13 Ghost's wings and changed it so it was no longer invisible. Also lowered the amount of projectiles it shoots out and damage.

- Added a recipe for First Aid Bandages (1 bandage + 1 aloe cream = 1 first aid bandage). Unlocked with the physician perk.

- Reskinned traders for Halloween.
- Updated UI for Halloween.
- Added pumpkin-based weapons in Kay's Halloween Bundles.
- Removed drones from the game.
- Removed molotov damage to players.
- Added gacha bundles aka scratch-off tickets (4 different types).
- Added more gacha bundles aka Halloween Candy Bundles (4 different types).
- Added Halloween Candy.
- Added bank notes and recipe (20k duke stacks).
- Removed the 1stop. All 1stop trade stations can now be found in the lobby.


- Removed beaker requirement from antirad pills.

- Added AP recipes to upgrade normal ammo to AP.
- Changed scrap polymer recipe to oil and paper.
- Added NVG (Night Vision Goggles) helmet mod that brightens without the green effect. Craft 1:1 with normal NVGs.
- Super Hammer and schematic added for workbench crafting.
- Changed vanilla chat to be behind other menus instead of over all of them.

- Super Beaker and schematic added.
- Super Beaker can be used in the chemistry station and wall oven to increase crafting / cooking speed.
- Recipe for scrap polymer in chemistry station.
- Recipe for acid in chemistry station.
- Recipe for solar cell in workbench (tiers scale with advanced engineering).
- Adjusted Donor Omni Wrench to salvage cars more accurately throughout perk levels.
- Removed fire visual effect from Donor Shotguns.

- New ammo types now scrap into correlating base materials. Copper to copper, silver to silver nuggets, gold to gold dust, etc.
- Removed incorrect description for crafting bonus levels.

- Fixed ninja set to no longer act peculiar while stealthing. It is working as originally intended now.


- Added rifts. Triggered with /rift for 2000 sand dollars.

- Updated the UI. Moved buffs and cleaned it up.

- Added necromancy magic update.

JULY 2022

- Added new weapons. Available at /ftw 1stop.
- Changed Dwarven Forge to smelt and craft faster.
- Changed resource bundle sizes to 8,000 to match stack size.
- Added clay and sand bundles.
- Car batteries can be crafted from 5 acid and 50 lead.
- Car batteries can be scrapped into 3 acid.

- Improved custom foods.
- Added variant block for car blocks that won't blow up.
- Added more items to the furniture variant block.
- Changed the normal forge to take silver, tin, copper and alloy as well as the corresponding recipes (bronze, tempered steel, etc.,).
- Added new item mods to change helmets, gloves and boots into hazmat mods. Must still wear two pieces of hazmat gear.
- Added radiation scrubber mods. Lets the user wear any armor set and still have radiation protection if they install 2 radiation scrubbers.
- Fixed radiation display.
- Updated magic: Lifesteal and Vampire Reign.
- Added boost magic (stamina, jump and speed).
- Added magic bundles and magic feathers.
- Added earth affinity and new dual affinities to encompass earth.
- Added 10 donor bullet casings to the donor package. These can be crafted into any ammo type at the donor workstation at a 1:50 ratio.
- Removed the donor shirt and pants. All stat bonuses are now included in the donor shades.
- Added raspberry seeds to underground crops.
- Adjusted loot table to find more tools / armor / weapon schems.

- Updated magic: changed how wands are unlocked.

- Added two new melee mods to the pearl station.
- Updated magic to version 3.31: auto-casting through cloaks and magic clothing sets.
- Updated reinforced steel tool and up schematics to now show as read after being read.
- Updated super motor schematic to show as read after being read.
- Added the ability to loot animals for milk.

- Updated magic to version 3.0: new element, 3 new spells, wands and damage modifiers.

MAY 2022

- Increased experience gain by 20% at night.
- Changed all trader quests to give an additional treasure token from its current reward.
- Updated new ore stack sizes.

APRIL 2022

- Overhauled progression.
- Reworked zombies.
- Tweaked donor items to be more in line with zombie changes.
- Changed end-game items and gear to feel more like end-game equipment.
- Changed the ring leader and squeaky toy to be stronger than its vanilla counterpart while still in line with other weapons.
- Reduced power armor damage.
- Changed traps economic value.
- Changed the acid recipe.
- Updated high efficiency solar panels to work as intended (full 900 watts of power production).
- Reduced photovoltaic cells and their sub components' recipe costs.
- Adjusted all modded armor stats.
- Reduced strong heart buff (physical damage resist from 5 to 2.5).
- Reduced fortitude from 2 to 1.
- Reduced well insulated and pain tolerance from 2 to 1.
- Reduced lubricated limbs buff (fortitude reduced from 2 to 1). Perk level reduced from 2 to 1.
- Changed reinforced armor set recipe. Forged steel replaced with steal armor parts. Leather replaced with military fiber.
- Changed tungsten armor set recipe. Coal replaced with military fiber.
- Changed ceramic composite armor set recipe. Leather cost increased from 10 to 30.
- Changed carbon nanotube armor set recipe. Coal replaced with shale. Nitrate replaced with duct tape.
- Changed ninja chest recipe. Feather replaced with covert cats candy.
- Increased all armor set blueprint costs.
- Changed some food items' recipes and stats.
- Added new weapons.
- Added new tools.
- Added new medical item.
- Added empty sphere decoration to the glass sphere set.
- Added new decorations.
- Added new food.
- Changed underground crops to have a "u-" in front of crop names.
- Updated the starter kit.

- Changed some zombies to help new players.

- Added the easter event.

MARCH 2022

- Increased XP gain to 400% and loot drops to 200%.
- Updated donor items to have elemental damage effects.
- Reworked and updated magic.
- Added elemental affinity.
- Gave rough pearls a conversion to treasure tokens at a 1:30 ratio.
- Added new armor with full set bonuses.
- Changed recipes for the squeaky toy and ring leader.
- Added blood bag recipe for the chemistry station.
- Added prefab store.
- Added treasure tokens to quest rewards.


- Nerfed Oliver and the Hell Hound.
- Lowered Shark's health.
- Adjusted Scourges and Tyrants.

- Added better traps for all of your trap needs.

- Added better electricity mod.
- Added candy machine.
- Added craftable decor.
- Added new zombies.
- Added lootable toaster.
- Added underground crops.
- Added power armor.
- Added magic.