Welcome to the NEW oasis website!

April 12th, 2023

Greetings, Oasis!

We're pleased to welcome you to our brand new website, filled with even more information than our last with a much cleaner look.

Community Reviews from Reddit
"This server is insane! I didn't even have to download anything when I joined and it's just packed with so much quality of life things that make is super enjoyable. My friends and I have played two wipes so far and we're still learning new things daily. Give this server a try! The staff and community are amazing too!"
"Best server I've ever played on and continue to play on 1 year later."
"This is the best 7 days server that I've come across. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. The owners and admins are all fun to be around and are constantly adding new things and taking suggestions. You can tell they actually care about the community."
"My wife dragged me in here and I haven't regretted. Great server, great admins, great community."
"This server is absolutely fantastic. I was losing my hair, my wife was on her way out the door, and I was 45 lbs. overweight. After joining this server, I grew long, flowing locks of glorious hair, Karen returned with the kids, and I'm running two marathons back-to-back this weekend. This server changed my life. (also gun go pew pew, zombie head was all like... SLADOOOOOSH)."
"A community with staff that actually care and listen, my favorite developer team and a helpful community! What more could you want."
"Hands down my favorite server right now. Been playing this game since near the start and Oasis is the best and well maintained thus far. Jumped back into Bananarama server to play with friends and omg! The amount of stuff that's been added since the start is incredible! Smooth as butter as well. Friendly owners and admin team, which is what you want! Amazing job guys, seriously <3"
"WIPE HYPE! This shit is too damn good. I've played on a couple servers before, but this one takes the cake! These mods are made in house and new things are constantly added. The staff are friendly and have been awesome to interact with. Only thing I wish was for more games / servers in their Discord, but the community works well together for a fun time."
"Every wipe, we get new stuff. It's pretty fun."
"The mods are cool and the modifications are cooler. Most folks are chill and helpful. Questions get answered pretty damn fast and trolls are ejected with alacrity. I have been playing here for a while now and I call it home now. A lot of custom critters and the magic is a fun new twist. Come give it a shot."
"The only 7 days server I play on, one of the best with amazing staff."
"Just joined about a week ago, having a blast so far. All of the additions seem well thought out and well done. The community has been great too. Highly recommend!"
"Seriously an amazing server!"
"THE BEST public 7DTD server out there. Friendliest staff, sweetest mods and nicest community."
"My favorite public servers."